Our main business is the management of apartment. As “the best companion to create future value”,
we bring the mission of forming high-value social assets through the provision of services to ensure the “peace of mind”, “safety”, “comfort” and “high quality” to the customers.

Personal information of the customers, partnership and employees of our company is indispensable information to achieve our mission and we are aware that protecting such personal information appropriately is a major and important matter.
For this reason, the Company has established the rules and systems regarding the appropriate collection, provision and use of personal information. We hereby publish the determination of the motto of confidentiality of personal information, maintenance, implementation and continuous improvement according to the following items:

1.We are always aware of the confidentiality of personal information, and continually improve the method of personal information management.

2.In order to keep confidentiality of personal information appropriately, we always maintain, improve and thoroughly notify the Company’s employees (Board of Directors, official employees, temporary employees, part-time employees, dispatched employees, etc) and other related people.

3.We always apply security measures for information appropriately such as measures to eliminate computer viruses, measures to prevent unauthorized access, … to prevent loss, leakage, sabotage, falsification of personal information.

4. In order to collect personal information, we take steps legally and fairly, and certainly we do not collect information in illegal ways, we collect information in accordance with the principle that we have received the consent of the customers (who are the owners of personal information) after having explained clearly the purpose of use and not use other than the confirmed purpose. We also take appropriate measures to avoid using the information for other purposes.

5.In case of receiving personal information indirectly, regarding personal information received, we will confirm whether the information provider has properly collected information from customers and not use that information for other purposes.

6.We also confirm that the customers have the right to disclose, correct, discontinue the use, delete, etc for their personal information. Upon request from the customers, we will quickly handle the above request.

7.The collection and processing of personal information are specifically carried out according to the following principles:

  1. Principles of using personal information
    ・Personal information is only used by authorized people to serve specific tasks within the necessary limits for the job and within the scope of information collection purposes.
  2. Prohibited items (however, excluding cases that have been prescribed by law)
    ・In principle, without consent from the customers, personal information cannot be provided to third parties.
    ・Do not use personal information outside of purpose, take personal information out of normal usage area and leak personal information to outside.
    ・Employees of the Company will not be allowed to provide any third party with the personal information content that they have been known in the course of working or using personal information for improper purposes. This regulation will be applied consistently even if the employees have left from the Company.

Our website will occasionally send information called a “Cookie” to the customer’s device (devices for data entry and export such as a computer (desktop or laptop) or multifunction devices, tablets, and smartphones, etc.) to provide services to the customers who are visiting the web and check the traffic. This information will be saved to the customer’s memory or hard drive device. Cookie information is only used for marketing analysis of this website and for providing other types of services, without collecting information that violates the personal privacy and special personal information of the customers.

When using our website, the customers may refuse Cookie by installing in the browser of the devices that are being used; however, in some cases, some functions will not be performed.

If you have any inquiries or questions regarding personal information, please contact us by using the inquiry form.