Meet the expectations and
bring more smiles to the Vietnamese people

NOZOMI Residential Management Joint Stock Company was established in April 2019.
The Company name “NOZOMI” in Japanese means “Hope, expectation”. We establish the Company because we see “Hope and expectation” in the future of Vietnam.
By providing services to ensure the peace of mind, safety and comfort, “NOZOMI” will be the best companion to support the daily life of the residents in the future.
With a vision for the future of next 30 years, we will make the increase of the customers’ asset value, dedicating in bringing richer lives to help the apartment buildings in Vietnam to become a community social asset with high value. The path to achieve that goal is not easy; however, with the “friendliness and seriousness” of Vietnam and the ” Thoughtful attitude to others’ needs and techniques ” of Japan, the Japanese and the Vietnamese mutually respect each other, cooperate to become “the real estate management Company with the best quality in Vietnam”.
We will meet the expectations and bring more smiles to customers as well as the people of Vietnam.