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Apartment management services

Asset management

In Japan, when buying an apartment, people often say "Buying the management services". Therefore, it can be seen that "the proper management" plays an important role to maintain the asset value. With 50 years of accumulated experience in Japan, we clearly understand the future of apartment buildings. We will apply this management method in Vietnam and constantly promote and make every endeavor to accompany the customers on maintaining and improving the asset value.


It is no exaggeration to say that the first impression of the apartment building is determined by the behavior of the receptionist. Overcoming the common concept of apartment reception, we aim to a management services where the residents can enjoy the same services as ones of hotel reception in their daily lives. The services provided by us will be increasingly improved as per request of residents. "Taking the human building as the core" is our slogan.

Sanitation staff

Sanitation service will vary according to the characteristics of the building to optimize efficiency. We carry out a pre-check at the apartment and make proposals on a suitable cleaning plan for the apartment building of the customers after confirming the features. With all our dedication, we keep the hygiene to maintain the 5-star quality beauty of the apartment, and not only obtain the praise from the residents but also from the guests visiting the apartment.

Security guards team

You can only enjoy a comfortable life when you feel secured and safe. Under thorough training, security guards patrol and check the entries of visitors to protect the lives and assets of the residents 24/24. Moreover, we believe that security guards team also need to have professional manners towards the residents similar to the receptionist, so we conduct the daily training for security guards.

Are you satisfied with the current apartment management services?

Try to think about the below 6 contents.
1Is an apartment building managed by a management board, not a management company?
2Have you seen the apartment repair plan?
3Have the residents' handbook been modified?
4Does the receptionist often care about the residents?
5Has the sanitation service been performed well? Does the sanitation staff greet you happily?
6Do security guards sit during business hours?
If you encounter one of the above problems, it is likely that your residential place has not been properly managed. Talk to us! The company's expert team will identify the outstanding issues and provide appropriate solutions.


In case of emergency, please contact us via phone.
(+84) 28 3636 2078 9:00 - 17:00
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