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Apartment management services help to bring the peace of mind and comfort

The features and strengths of
NOZOMI Residential Management Joint Stock Company

Promote the power of the organization
Enhance the functions at Headquarter, train the staff based on the direction and supervision of the Head of Management, implement the method of providing services without affecting the personal capacity of the Head of Management.
Preventive maintenance and long-term plan
We are always aware of the longevity of the building, the equipment based on the preventive maintenance viewpoint and make recommendations to maintain and enhance the asset value after reviewing the long-term repair plan and capital plan.
Smart management
Applying the experience gained in Japan, we aim to realize the management that is independent of the human - the form of management called "smart management" will be applied in the near future.

Implement the future value creation

In recent years, Vietnam has achieved the rapid economic growth, and the condominium living model has been widely popular. As a result, we think that the apartment building with high quality will increase as a demand of society. To fulfill our social mission, we adhere to the concept of lifelong management and implement the future value creation for the important assets of the customers through maintenance and improvement of the buildings.

Are you satisfied with the current apartment management services?

Try to think about the below 6 contents.
1Is an apartment building managed by a management board, not a management company?
2Have you seen the apartment repair plan?
3Have the residents' handbook been modified?
4Does the receptionist often care about the residents?
5Has the sanitation service been performed well? Does the sanitation staff greet you happily?
6Do security guards sit during business hours?
If you encounter one of the above problems, it is likely that your residential place has not been properly managed. Talk to us! The company's expert team will identify the outstanding issues and provide appropriate solutions.
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In case of emergency, please contact us via phone.
+84 (0)28 3636 2078 9:00 - 17:00
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